Learning Goals

By completing this program, our students:

  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge about concepts, theories, principles and facts about tourism management and are trained as qualified manager candidates in the field.
  • Understand management, marketing and planning strategies in tourism businesses, and also learn about tourism policies, sustainability, destination management, legal regulations and professional standards.
  • Have detailed knowledge of different types of tourism operations (accommodation, travel agency, etc.) and their departments (booking, sales, catering, etc.), and also specialize in their preferred occupational areas.
  • Apply organizational behavior topics like motivation, leadership, teamwork, personality, human resources, organizational structure and culture into practice.
  • Follow the technological developments in tourism-specific areas, use the necessary information technologies, and develop analytical thinking and problem solving abilities by applying research methods.
  • Become proficient in two foreign languages and develop communication skills both verbally and in writing.
  • Pay attention to factors such as service quality, customer satisfaction, cultural heritage, hygiene, environmental awareness, social responsibility, cultural diversity, safety, confidentiality and ethics; and represent their country in the best way by continuously improving their intellect and culture.
  • Understand the financial mechanisms of tourism enterprises and gain knowledge in accounting and finance fields.
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