Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

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    Those who have successfully completed department education;   • Understand the operation of the tourism industry at the national and international level. • Analyzes and evaluates the food and beverage industry and its relation to other sectors in macro and micro dimensions. • Understands and manages the flow of all work and materials, from production to sales and after sales, either within the accommodation business or in independent restaurants or industrial kitchens. • Knows and manages the selection, purchase, storage and production of all kinds of materials in this area. • Has enough knowledge on kitchen types, design, planning and management. • Has the knowledge to plan, manage and lead human resources and solve hygiene and safety issues. • Knowledge of kitchen types, cultures, cooking techniques, art and design approaches. • Become proficient in nutrition, food chemistry, food and beverage technology. • Has knowledge and skills about Turkish and world cuisine. • Track new trends in the industry and produce innovations • Has knowledge and skills in the basic areas of gastronomy and culinary arts such as pastry and bread production, wine and culture, cheese production and culture and coffee. • This leads to ways and methods for developing a career in special education areas. Has the ability to establish cooperation opportunities with national and global organizations. • Tracks publications on at least two training areas and communicates with colleagues and customers. • Develops a creative and innovative behavior. It emphasizes competitive and field-leading features. • Identifies and implements the requirements of management and marketing activities.

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