Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

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    Gastronomy and Culinary Arts aims to provide the students who want to make a career in the food and beverage sector, which is one of the most important areas of the tourism and hospitality industry, to acquire the knowledge, skills and habits necessary for working in national and international businesses. Students who graduate from this department will have all the qualifications necessary to succeed in all areas of food and beverage industry of the tourism and hospitality industry, as well as having all the qualifications to make an academic career in this area. Our students who are studying in this department can establish their own businesses, make an academic career, work in the kitchens and service departments of food and beverage companies in and out of the country.

    Our courses and practices are tailored to give our students the qualifications they need to be more competitive, creative and innovative. Our education and training activities are carefully prepared to transfer the most important knowledge and skills of this field to our students. Our courses are largely application oriented. We aim to equip our students with arts, sports, communication, design, entrepreneurship and leadership as well as cultivating chefs equipped with culinary arts. Besides teaching basic English, we also teach one of the languages ​​of German and Russian and thus aim to train bilingual experts.

    We provide permanent and temporary work opportunities to our students through partnerships with institutions and organizations in the sector and bring together our students with seminars and meetings organized by experts in the sector for sharing information and experience. In addition, through international exchange programs, we offer our students the opportunity to study abroad at accredited higher education institutions.

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